Peugeot 208
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Date Reviewed
12 October 2017
Ride & Handling
1.2 PureTech (2016)
Bought new, Owned for 1 Year
Fuel Economy: 18.0 km/litre (5.6 L/100 km), RON97, Mileage: 1,500 km/month
    - Easy to get comfortable with the seat and steering adjustment.
    - Driver and passengers have enough legroom and headroom.
    - Front passenger's and driver's door cubby are big and useful (can fit 1.5L bottle and more).
    - NVH is good around town and on highway.
    - The car comes with a dedicated button to activate Google Now, which you can command or dictate to your phone with voice.
    - The infotainment screen bezel is deep enough to become a phone holder (but I don't think this is intentional).
    - The turbo didn't feel it was lagging in normal mode or in sport mode.
    - On sport mode, the steering feels heavy, and the engine revs around 3500 RPM, which makes the car feel quick and agile.
    - Engine didn't feel under power on highway during overtaking.
    - There is an option to disable start-stop feature.
    - Brakes engage quickly with light press.
    - The car feels planted around corners and on the highway.
    - The car comes with handbrake reminder and corner lights.
    - Frugal driving with this car on daily driving is possible to achieve between 500KM - 600KM on a single tank.
    - The 311L boot was a bit of an issue when planning to carry many large bags or tall items.
    - Boot bottom lip is tall and high.
    - Infotainment for this model lacks AndroidAuto or Carplay or Mirrorlink.
    - No passive cruise control.
    - Front passenger compartment is too small to be useful.
    - Rear seat doesn't fold flat.
    - Rear door cubby is a bit small, but can fit 500mL bottle.
    - No front bumper sensor.
    - The rear view window have issue to see the car from behind (depends on the seating position)
    - Front passenger can't adjust seat height.
    - A and C pillars are fat and difficult to see around corners.
    - The 3 cylinder engine vibrates slightly during a stop, but doesn't feel discomfortable.
To Improve
- Better infotainment system with reverse camera or ones mentioned on the cons.
- A larger boot to compete with other car manufactures.
- Include similar design trim as in UK into Malaysia market such as black rims, black side mirrors, black bumper, and panoramic roof.
- The interior ceiling light could illuminate for the back seats by placing that light to the center.
Yes, I would recommend this car

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