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Date Reviewed
17 September 2019
1.3 Standard CVT (2016)
Bought new, Owned for 2 Years
Fuel Economy: 2718.0 km/litre (0.0 L/100 km), RON95, Mileage: 226 km/month
    Major Issue market claim as the car sudden engine stop during driving cause of Fuel Pump malfunction
    that will lead to loss of life
    Myself had purchase Proton Saga VVT on 29th June 2018 Plat no ALB 8693 as market claim on March 2019 due to Fuel pump problem car suddenly stop when on the roadway driving or reverse as the Fuel Pump not function intermittent. Car stopped while driving in middle of the road will lead to loss of life cause may bang from lorry or car behind as these is critical claim major problem through Proton Service Centre Modern Tune ( Fah kee Motor Bercham Ipoh ) Dianostic found out Fuel pump error as unwilling to do replacement the mechanic re-download the ECU program. Claim again then the Proton Service center inform no spare part only available replace with Saga FLX fuel pump and relay by mechanic problem solve. August 2019 same problem as the Modern Tune ( Fah kee Motor Bercham Ipoh ) inform for 2nd claim with same item need to write report to Proton factory HQ. Unwilling to do to erase the error quote and inform able to drive, Same problem happen claim again as the mechanic found out Fuel pump problem at the error code but unwilling to change due to relay replace by the previously mechanic wrong type and the old version type of Saga FLX fuel pump not Saga VVT ( Had snap keep photo as proof during replacement stated Saga FLX parts) .
    Need Proton factory HQ to take over these matter through Modern Tune ( Fah kee Motor Bercham Ipoh ) to do replacement faulty unit of fuel pump that these is major big issue that lead to loss of life as the car stopped middle of the road while driving. If whole world not these issue not being attended to do replacement for the faulty fuel pump will badly affected proton car lead to loss of life as very serious case.
To improve
Improvement on Proton appointed Service Centre since the problem is being identified immediately as the plug in Diagnostic Computer had prompt error message ( Fuel pump faulty failure ) replacement of faulty Fuel pump require on the spot replacement as these is critical item as not continue given lot of excuse that shown the appointed work shop not competence to carried out as appointed Proton Service Centre .