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Proton X50 SX11 (2020-Present)

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27 June 2023
1.5T Executive (2020)
Bought new, Owned for 1 Year
Fuel Economy: 9.0 km/litre (11.1 L/100 km), RON95, Mileage: 500 km/month
    I just clocked 16,000km after owning it for about 8.5 months. I like the looks of the car, both interior and exterior. The LED headlamp is very bright during nighttime. The car is wide for a B-segment car and seating 3 adults at the rear isn't too cramped.

    The car rides comfortably and has overall good sound insulation (except for the front door wind noise). The interior design is fantastic and overall build quality is not bad. The 148hp engine produces good power and the torque is more than enough for daily drives.

    Lastly, the stock Giti Comfort tyres has terrible wet grip.
    The ATLAS OS UI is absolute crap with no significant functions and is extremely laggy. Besides, the Bluetooth doesn't connect to my phone automatically, and really annoys me to pair it manually every single time. The reverse cameras are laggy as well.

    The speakers are bad and not loud enough, cars at this price point all have better speakers than X50.

    The interior started to produce rattling noises around the dashboard areas and B pillars, the interior "finish" is ok but the "fit" could be better.

    The gearbox is just slow during low speed and sometimes it produces some weird "tak, tak" sound while going slow and reverse. Another thing is during reverse, it's just too slow and doesn't creep and once u step on the throttle the car will lurch forward. It's very hard to maneuver on inclined parking spots, the car either creeps too slow for the car to stick out or just lurch forward and you'll risk hitting motorbike or incoming traffic.

    The fuel consumption for MPI engines is only marginally acceptable but you can never say it's fuel efficient.

    The interior door handle design is definitely not appreciated, it feels too cheap, easy to break, and trap your fingers sometimes.

    The engine does rattles and you can feel that when accelerating at low speeds. You can also feel the vibration on the steering wheel while driving.
To improve
1. Better after-sales service. I've been to a service centre near Setapak for service and pointed out the B-pillar rattles, air-cond noise in the cabin, and gearbox "tak tak" sound. All I get after 4 hours of minor service is everything ticked "normal". 2. Better stock tyres for Standard and Executive variants, the stock tyres have terrible wet grip. 3. At least AEB and Blind Spot Monitoring for Executive and Premium variants. 4. More supporting seats especially on lumbar and thigh areas. 5. Spare parts problems still persist, and owners having problems with insurance claims and parts shortages. 6. Laggy reverse cameras. 7. Apple CarPlay and Andriod Auto should be a standard in this day and age. 8. Improve on build quality of your cars. My car starts to have rattles at 5000km.
Yes, I would recommend this car