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2 Owner Reviews
Date Reviewed
7 June 2023
Ride & Handling
Clement Xavier
1.5 Turbo V (2022)
Bought new, Owned for 1 Year
Fuel Economy: 11.0 km/litre (9.1 L/100 km), RON95, Mileage: 1,000 km/month
    - The 1.5 Turbo engine is powerful, when switched to "Power" mode going up a steep incline, I was pleasantly surprised to find the car accelerating even with 3 adult passengers onboard.
    - The handling is surprisingly good for such a tall vehicle. I was able to take the curving and windy stretches of Batu Ferringhi roads with good speed.
    - Copious amount of leg room at the rear even when I had a 6 footer seated on the front passenger seat.
    - The seats are very comfortable and supportive, especially the driver's seat. Despite the absence of any adjustable lumbar support, I found it quite much less tiring driving around town (compared with my bimmer).
    - Driving position is also spot on - both my wife and I can find the optimum position with ease.
    - Lane watch is a good addition along with all the other Sensing suite of features. A 360 view camera would have been good too.
    - Aesthetics of the Front LED Lights and Rear tail lamp bar (Macan like) is much appreciated!
    - Interior cubby holes and storage is good.
    - The CVT gearbox is smooth but when driven hard one will still encounter the usual drone and rubber-banding effect of the belts. One wonders how a DCT (like on the X50) would perform when mated to the 1.5 Turbo engine from Honda..
    - The Boot/Trunk is just too small. The angled or sloping rear reduces usable trunk space...perhaps some of that copious leg space could have been sacrificed? Of course with the rear seats folded there is a large amount of space.
    - Apple Carplay is good but it really should be wireless
    - Personally would have preferred if the Audio controls (volume) on the head unit were manual - nothing beats a knob for quick ergonomic like use!
    - Above the 110km/h mark the NVH especially the wind noise and tyre rumble is a letdown.
To Improve
- Gearbox - given the sporty nature of the engine and suspension Honda should consider an optional gearbox like a ZF 8 speed or an Aisin AT.
- NVH - at this price point Toyota does a better job with NVH
- Trunk space with all seats up should be more usable - at least 2 large suitcases should be accommodated.
Yes, I would recommend this car
Date Reviewed
30 May 2023
Ride & Handling
Ling Yuan Ming
1.5 Turbo V (2022)
Bought new, Owned for 1 Year
Fuel Economy: 13.5 km/litre (7.4 L/100 km), RON95, Mileage: 800 km/month
    - Space. Internal space comparable to that of CX-5, maybe even more. Ample rear seat, fit 5 adults comfortably.
    - Engine. Travel to Penang and KL once to twice every month. Normal mode takes care of overtaking effortlessly. Powerful as it is. No need for Sports Mode. Even going up Genting with all 5 adults is easy.
    - Transmission. Smooth ride with CVT, good change from the conventional auto.
    - Safety. Honda Sensing, cool feature, not the best but ACC + LKAS + RDM work like charm on long trips esp on highways. And I would only recommend for big clear-signed highways. Multi-angled reverse camera is the bomb, quite helpful.
    - Interior. Really works like magic, love how the entire row can be folded up just like that.
    - Exterior. Love the huge 18" rim. Enjoying the full view through the undivided long rear window unlike most cars.
    - Accessories. Love the walk-away lock function, keyless and touchless entry.
    - Eater eggs. Phone pocket behind front seats for back passenger. Little hrv on rear windscreen.
    - Space. Low rear head space, have a longer body and it'll hit the rear ceiling.
    - Space. The boot space is a a real pity when it's not folded. Only impressive when all the seats are folded down.
    - Transmission. CVT smoother than automatic but not as smooth as expected. Kinda feel some gear changes when accelerate in normal mode.
    - Safety. No surround camera and front parking sensors is a joke at this price. Still dont think Honda Lanewatch is superior to blind spot monitor.
    - Exterior. Low ride height due to the super ugly catalytic converter that is visible from the side view.
    - Interior. Ultra seats when folded up, there will be seat belt marks on the seat. Interior design is a far cry from most competitors, like x50, omoda5 or atto3.
    - Insulation. Tyre and wind noise can be heard at about 120km/h.
    - Fuel efficiency. 12.7-13.2km/l for city drive with econ mode. Highway usually about 17-18km/l under 120km/h.
    - Connectivity. Still need wired Apple Car Play and Android Auto.
    - Accessories. No power boot for V variant. No automatic folding mirrors.
To Improve
- Surround camera and front sensors should be made compulsory for cars with this price tag.
- CVT transmission could be butter smooth at all times.
- Connectivity. Could really use wireless connectivity rather than charging the phone every single long and short journey.
- Accessories. Power boot (touchless or not), auto fold mirrors when lock and unlocking.
Yes, I would recommend this car

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