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Date Reviewed
17 July 2019
Ride & Handling
1.5 V (2017)
Bought new, Owned for 1 Year
    - Very powerful 1.5L engine
    - Smoth CVT gear box
    - Sport mode with paddle shift
    - Auto Cruise
    - Fast acceleration
    - 16 Inch rims
    - Good handling
    - Sound system is very good (i really like this)
    - Fuel save (1 tank can go 580-600km)
    - New design
    - Engine very silent when stop car
    - Nice steering design
    - Rear wiper
    Nothing to comment
    I feel very fun with my car... for me this is the best 1.5L car
To Improve
V spec player like a previous model JAZZ 2014
Yes, I would recommend this car
Date Reviewed
15 December 2017
Ride & Handling
Ping Yang
1.5 Hybrid (2016)
Bought new, Owned for 1 Year
Fuel Economy: 21.0 km/litre (4.8 L/100 km), RON95, Mileage: 7,500 km/month
    - Smooth and quiet ride in EV mode (yes, you can run on EV alone)
    - Powerful when throttled in S Mode (good for you to overtake/bypass lorry/uphill)
    - 7 speed DCT gives your faster gear change that you ever noticed (9sec from 0-100km/h)
    - Good stock sound system (in stasis only)
    - Ultra seats are nice
    - Good handling, swift around the town
    - Fuel efficient at high speed (80km-100km around 28km/L, 110km/h around 30km/L)
    - Great vision from the cabin, wider and longer vision compare with myvi
    - Looks small outside but spacious inside
    - More sporty aggressive look compare with previous gen
    - Stock DRL at previous fog lamp position.
    - Multi Info screen improved to colour graphic
    - Air-con cool the cabin very fast and no more issue like previous gen about blow in hot air when in auto stop mode. (because AC run by electric motor now)
    - Moderate FC in city drive (around 18km/L)
    - Stock tyres very noisy (Good year)
    - Lag at low speed when in petrol engine
    - No DRL at headlamp (compare with City Hybrid)
    - No projected headlamp (compare with new MYVI)
    - Small capacity in hybrid's battery which only can run in EV for around few minutes before you need to recharge
    - Battery flow & MGP Info screen is not on the same page which caused trouble to whom want to monitor both in one screen.
    - interior plastic is easier to get scratch.
    - Hardly see the road condition in front of your car as the dashboard blocked your view. (especially when you want to park)
    - small boot size.
To Improve
- MORE USB ports.
- Useful headunit which can collect to phone.
- hybrid battery should place in the bottom part of the car instead of taking up spare tyre space. (this design could make jazz become more stable)
Yes, I would recommend this car

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